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The San Vicente Saddle Club

For more than 30 years this group of equestrians in the San Diego Country Estates have met to socialize, talk about horses, compete in equestrian events and take part in activities designed to continue and support equestrian sports for all ages.

Each year the club presents events that range from organized monthly rides and fun shows, to out-of-the-saddle events.  Our goal being the fellowship with other riders (and non-riders alike), to foster safe equestrian activities and to offer opportunities to meet new riders as well as demonstrate our equestrian skills.

The San Diego Country Estates has some of the best designated and maintained trails in California.  The Saddle Club is committed to work with the Homeowners association to insure the upkeep of these trails.  The more visual and active our Saddle Club, the better the chance these trails will remain a part of our life.  We need new members to show that our equestrian family is alive and well in this community.  We guarantee enough interesting events for everyone.  We think you will enjoy our club.  Family Membership is $25.00 a year. We hope you will consider becoming a member and supporting our efforts.